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Remember, buy directly from artists, not from companies living on our works when we are gone!

No ethics or moral in the above statement, just wanted to tell you a small secret:
If you hang a piece of framed art on your wall, or cover a full wall with art in form of a wallpaper, then you recreate your living conditions. With art under a DigiSeed license you don't have to choose, you can even have your bed cover with the same artwork, and much, much more.
The Artist create the artwork, and you create the use of the artwork.
Now it's not a secret any longer (-:

Digital Painting & Drawing

This is the official site for the work of the Norwegian Artist Arnvid Aakre. Here you find older works on canvas, art projects and contemporary digital art sold under the DigiSeed concept. Have a look at my new digital paintings and digital drawings. Look at them, send me a comment, use your time. It's totally free to look, and it's even free & allowed to right click and download images in the format you find them here. When you want a drawing or painting that is signed, with it's unique serial number, and in full size - then you are welcome to purchase it right here for a fair price.

Remember, buy directly from artists, not from companies living on our works when we are gone!

The DigiSeed Revolution

The DigiSeed is something brand new in the artworld, but when you understand it, it's as obvious as the famous egg of Columbus. The solution has always been there, but the DigiSeed give the idea reality.
For you who purchased as a DigiSeed, you can use you artwork to put it on the wall as a full scale wallpaper, make posters, or make it as a traditional framed painting.

For my colleagues, artists around the world, you are of course free to use the DigiSeed setup for your own artworks, for free! Later there will be a own DigiSeed site with all artists who use the DigiSeed setup, listed.

My History

I got my share of solo and group exhibitions, but I found out that I could not create art for investors, so I decided to make art for people. That's the reason you don't get a standard cv of exhibitons and all that stuff, but if you want to follow me on a small journey, I will give you a sketch of my history. For me that start with illustrations for a alternative magazine, then my first exhibition, my second exhibition and to a larger Gesamtkunstwerk under patronage of UNESCO in Paris.

My story about the transformation from traditional paintings to digital art, I will give you later. Promise (-: