Meeting with the Trojan Horse - #890

meeting with the trojan horseThe Meeting with the Trojan Horse - Digital Painting (5999 x 3427 pix.) Artist Archive: #890

Artwork for me are always a direct dive into a visual world. Most often the white canvas are like a White Hole which drag me in, and colours and forms start to appear. Maybe white holes in my artist universe, is somehow similar to black holes in the other universe?
That the horse was Trojan Horse I didn't know before the blond lady told me so during the paint process. Fact is, you always got to listen to art, and remember that art can tell you something totally different, all depending on whom art is speaking to. For me, this was my first meeting with a trojan horse (apart from those on the computer that is).

Title: 'Meeting with the Trojan Horse'

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