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From the serial 'The Artist Studio.'

Sorry, this painting is sold, but you can get it as Open Edition, Museum Quality Print.

The Artist Studio belong to our contemporary classical mythology.

Many have visited artists studio, but when the work is in a real process, it's not the brush that's the most important tool, it's the chair where the artist sit and observe the painting in process.

A new studio is always a bit hard in the beginning, but when the paint starts to lay on the floor, the studio starts to become a mythological room.

The background in this painting is boards filled with paint. So the chair and the paint on the floor is two of the most important part for many artists, as here is a painting where one can meditate together with the artist - not know what the next brush stroke will be.

Painted with Corel Painter and Wacom Cintiq Pro.
Original size 8000 x 5333 pixels

This painting is sold, not as a Limited Edition, but as only one piece artwork as per request of the collector (the same goes for another painting in this serial).

Even if the artwork already is sold, it's available as prints in an 'Open Edition' (not numbered) of the same quality as the 1/1 edition.

The Red Chair in the Artist Studio - #913 - Digital Painting
Original size 8000 x 5333 pixels
Total number of artworks: 1/1
Price USD 7,928.00 -

My principle is that all artwork coming directly from me (or my chosen partners) should have the same quality if they are Limited Edition or Open Edition. The only difference between a Limited Edition or Open Edition is the value, as a Limited Edition is one of a kind, while Open Editon is many of a kind.

My system is that every file numbered 8 out of let's say 20 limited edition files, will not be numbered as 8/20, but ∞/20. In other words, ∞/20 is the Open Edition. As important, if a limited edition is limited to 20, then it's only 19 in this limited edition, and that's because the #8/20 is the Open Editon numbered ∞/20.

Price Open Edition Museum Quality Print of The Red Chair in the Artist Studio - #913
USD 424.00,
Size 75 x 50 cm in Museum Print (Giclee print on Hahnemühle paper), shipping worldwide included (if you prefer your artwork in larger or smaller size, contact me for the correct price).

Price, Open Edition Digital Files (files only, print yourself) of The Red Chair in the Artist Studio - #913
USD 235.00
Note: Even with limited edition you get the original signed file in both .tif and .jpg files. Same quality as the Limitied Edition, the only difference is that it's coded as Open Edition files. This also mean that if artwork sendt the normal way, you will have to pay taxes for your new artwork, then if you download the files and get a local quality printer to print - you save cost as taxes as the printed artwork is produced in your country.
If you don't want your artwork in a standard quality print to hang on your wall, but want it as wall paper, on tiles or whatever, then just order the files.

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