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Start of a Painting - #914
From the serial 'The Artist Studio.'

Sorry, this painting is sold, but you can get it as Open Edition, Museum Quality Print.

The Artist Studio belong to our contemporary classical mythology.

START OF A PAINTING is the fourth painting in the serial "The Artist Studio."

The serial started as an homage to the atmosphere of my old studios, or any artist studio for that sake.

In this painting, the balance is no longer in the figurative or in the topic, it's solely an abstract solution to the image.

It's still the painting in the painting, but it's no longer about that motive, but a solution to the difference between a worked through painting and an unfinished sketch. In other words, the picture is frozen in time as the final artwork include this unfished painting within the final work.

Painted with Corel Painter and Wacom Cintiq Pro.
Original size 8000 x 5333 pixels

This painting is sold, not as a Limited Edition, but as only one piece artwork as per request of the collector (the same goes for another painting in this serial).

Even if the artwork already is sold, it's available as prints in an 'Open Edition' (not numbered) of the same quality as the 1/1 edition.

Start of a Painting - #914 - Digital Painting
Original size 8000 x 5333 pixels
Total number of artworks: 1/1
Price USD 7,928.00 -

Open Edition - The Original Digital Artwork in the same quality as Limited Edition, marked as Open Edition, Signed and includes a Authenticity Certificate  -  100 USD

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