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Arnvid Aakre, artist and writer from Norway

One-man shows, group exhibitions, art projects,
patronage from UNESCO HQ, grants and sponsorships - from 1984

In 1990 I divorced the Art Industry because it's preservative,
outdated and degrading to Free and Independent Art

Been Senior Managing Editor for the Canadian writer-site Suite101,
the underground art gallery VÄRA in Oslo,
& Chairman at Bryggen Art school in Bergen - among others

Today I draw and paint with digital art tools,
still, refuse brick & mortar galleries and star curators

new artworks

New Artworks
Last paintings and drawings.

from the artist studio

Digital Painting & Drawing

Here you will find the latest artworks, and to get to the full list of artworks. Samples back to my first one man show back in 1984, lots inbetween, and as said - the latest artworks.



Find articles, the new as this "Never trust a grinning cat" to older pieces from Ibsen in Egypt to different articles from my own time in Egypt. More articles about art will come up.

the artist studio

My background

The first magazine covers in 1974, the first art exhibition in 1984 until I broke with the Art Industry in 1990. Today, I use digital tools for my paintings & drawing, and expo my artwork online.