Cleopatra Wedding Macabre - #883

cleopatra wedding macabre

This painting started with five heads, then I wanted to put them together into a full painting. As one head by chance got an olive garland when our oldest daughter was reading Roman history - a part of the theme for the painting was set. In the female pharaoh Hatshepsut's temple in Luxor one also find reliefs with soldiers holding olive branches in their hands as a peace symbol - so another female pharaoh, Cleopatra VII turned up. What the painting is all about, well that is up to you to find out I guess (-: I use this painting as a wallpaper in my own living room as you can see down on this page, and we live with it happily ever after - even if it's called Cleopatras Wedding Macabre.

Cleopatra Wedding Macabre - #883 - Digital painting

Original size 16000 x 11550 pix.

Total number of artworks: 40/40
Price USD 280.00

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