About Arnvid Aakre
Sketches of a Journey through Art

the digicat

Born in Norheimsund by the Hardangerfjord in Norway. Got away early and dived into some art education. Many exhibitions, both solo shows as group-exhibitions. Art projects, patronage from UNESCO head office in Paris, and more. Moved to Egypt for nearly fifteen years in 1990, came back to Norway with my wife and our two daughters.

At the beginning of this millennium, I took my artwork from acrylic paint on large canvases to digital tools. I'm still a painter, I only replaced brushes and pens with digital pen and drawing board, same as the camera with a film was replaced with the digital camera. Still, both cameras produce photography - and I still paint.

My ART presented as a TIMELINE:


FIRST Sketch - an island in north of Norway - latitude nearly 70 N

" ... So I left the old capital and it's upcoming artists, and moved further north to explore the zeitgeist of the seventies. In Norway there was hardly any better place for that then Karlsøya, we later found out ... " Read More

janes painting

SECOND Sketch - Jane's Painting & my first one man show

" ... Gallery Vâra was important, and the concept with having totally fresh artists, and establihed artists every other time turned out to be beneficial for both. Even Høvikodden, the art museum and gallery Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, came for an co-operation. That way Gallery Vâra also hosted an exhibition for the Bulgarian-American artist Christo ... " Read More

hannes painting

THIRD Sketch - Painting of Hanne & my second one man show

" ... Add the fact that restaurants and bars had to close at a certain time in the evening in the eighties, but not for Teatergaten, it operated as an illegal night club. What a fantastic place for my second exhibition! ... " Read More


FORTH Sketch - Gesamtkunstwerk 1989

" ... So I ended up with the 'Hatshepsut Project', nearly one of a half million NOK (almost 185'000 USD) in sponsorship deals, and patronage by UNESCOs head quarter in Paris. UNESCO wrote in their statement that 'the Hatshepsut Project is holistic art making in a time of fragmenteded approaches'. After two years with heavy work, the money came on the table, and with sponsorship from Lufthansa as well, we set off for Egypts old capital Waset, now Luxor where Hatshepsuts great terrace temple are located ... " Read More

My ART Today:

As said above, today my tools are digital, but I'm always a painter - same as photographers with digital cameras still take photos. I have no paintings on canvases left; they are all sold.

I started at the start of this millennium to paint with the simplest tools for digitally created paintings. Today I work with Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 Graphics Tablet, mostly using the software Corel Painter.

The considerable revolution with art created with digital tools is the fact that the original artwork is the digital file. From the original, you can have a painting on the wall, have it transferred to a wallpaper, on ceramic tiles on your bathroom - or at the bottom of a swimming pool (if you happen to have such in your garden).

In short, this art-revolution is that it transfer creativity as to how YOU will use your artwork. As long as you don't use it for business purposes (without a license for this), the digital file comes with a license giving you the right to reproduce. Add to the revolution the green and timesaving fact, that you can download your new art (no shipping or time delay wherever you live on this planet).

So this is where my art-timeline is today - and here you find my artworks:

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