Use It

the digicat

Use it any way you like *

& liberate art

We live in a time where fine art often are kidnapped by investors, tortured by indifference, and even street art is flummoxed into gallery cells. Yes, it's high time to liberate visual art, and DigiSeed Art is a tool for this.

but ...
Ok, that sound a bit dramatic maybe, but it all comes down to the fact that you are free to use the artworks from a DigiSeed in any way you like *. Don't even think that using art in many forms and ways lower the standard of art.

Yes, Pablo Picasso was criticized by some for making art into items as ceramic plates - as these plates was applied arts, and not fine art they said. I myself happened to be criticized in the eighties by a director of a known art centre, for working together with photographers. His argument was that I was an artist, while photographers was not ...(!?)

Luckily this has changed a bit today, but all prejudice are not gone. Some could still find it strange to suggest that art can be put on - let's say cups. What then about my personal coffee cup with Edward Munch The Scream (se photo of it below)? This cup is produced in co-operation of Munch-Ellingsen-gruppen (relatives of Edward Munch) and the Munch Museum in Oslo, 2012. That is the same year that one version of The Scream was sold by Sotheby's'for 119.9 million US dollar. Don't think my autorized cup with The Scream exactly reduced the value of Munch's work?

So please, let's tear down these false dogmas about fine art. By using art, you don't destroy fine art, but actually bring it into our contemporary lives without loosing any of it's aesthetics, beauty or 'message'. An artwork in form of a DigiSeed is actually giving you the license to use and reproduce. Make yourself, family and friends posters, t-shirts, cups, bags, wallpapers, put art on the hood of your car, or on ceramic tiles for your bathroom or at the bottom of a pool - basically anything as long as it's for noncommercial reasons. Basically, not even the sky is the limit, but do let me know how you take your DigiSeed Art in use, and we can share it with other her on this site.

* You can do anything with a DigiSeed artwork within the Creative Commons license.