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Just get it, and the real fun starts!

how do I get it?
It's easy, just buy the artwork with PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, get it for free here. Remember, PayPal is your world wide buffert zone for your credit or debit cards.

After you bought your chosen artwork, you will directly get an confirmation email on your purchase from PayPal. Then I will get your artwork individually signed with your unique number - as 11/40 (meaning you get the - let's say the 11th image of only 40 possible). If you want something written on your artwork / DigiSeed, just let me know.

You get your artwork as both a tif-file and a jpg-file. These will be zipped (compressed) in a folder, and as an extra security you will get a separate email with the code you will need to use to open this file. In another email you will have the link to the place you can download the artwork you have bought.

Remember, these files with their signature and unique serial number is the heart of the artwork and the part that hold the value. This mean that you can use your DigiSeed Art to do create any form and number of this digital artwork (the DigiSeed) as the unique part is the DigiSeed itself. The DigiSeed with my signature and unique serial number will you get for download within 3 working days (often before).

the fun starts
As long as you take care of the valuable DigiSeed (the digital files in tif and jpg formats) you don't have to be afraid of that the sunlight will reduse the artwork on let's say photo paper, as in worst kase, just make a new print on photo paper. In fact you can use the DigiSeed to make the artwork as wallpaper, on cups, t-shirts - or whatever you like as long as it's within the creative commons license. Make as many copies you like, they will all have the same unique serial number, and as said - when it come to value, that's the DigiSeed you get. Read more about using a DigiSeed artwork here on Use it

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