The DigiSeed Manifesto

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The DigiSeed Manifesto

With a License to Use and Reproduce

Manifesto summary

Fine Arts distributed as DigiSeed include the license to use and reproduse. In fact, the owner of a DigiSeed artwork can reproduce a DigiSeed without limitation, apart from the digital imagefile itself. In other words, it's the Gutenberg effect for fine arts.

A few years ago in the land of Edvard Munch, Norway, a public opinion poll showed that hardly 4% found visual art important in their lives. Fact is that visual art today has been kidnapped by investors, tortured by indifference, and even street art is flummoxed into gallery cells. So it's high time to liberate visual art, and DigiSeed is a tool towards his goal.

Normally visual art are paintings on canvas, graphical prints, murals, street art, and so forth. For DigiSeed these forms are just end products. The main artwork is the digital file, and the result on photo paper, the wall or whatever, that's the seed. Or rather, that's the seeds - as when the real artwork is the digital file with it's serial number, then you are allowed to make a unlimited number of Seeds - and still you got your valuable artwork intact; the digital file with it's unique signature and serial number.

In most cases the format of a DigiSeed is the file format TIF.
TIF is an image format file for high-quality graphics. TIF files are also called .TIFF, which stands for "Tagged Image Format File".

Each DigiSeed is either a single work with just one DigiSeed, or a limited edition as in print work with a fixed serial number. If the total edition is, let's say 40, then each DigiSeed got it's serial number from 1/40 to 40/40.

When one buy a DigiSeed, one get a digital TIF-file which is individually signed, and with it's DigiSeed serial number.

A DigiSeed is similar to graphics in that it's a visual image transferable to an surface such as paper, photo paper, wall, canvas, screen, paper, stone, textile, and so forth. The original art work is not what a DigiSeed is transferred to, but the digital file. This mean that the owner of a DigiSeed can be transfered to as many surfase as the owner want, and this can even be done in so many copies one want without reducing the value of the original art work (the DigiSeed file).

In other words, the DigiSeed file is the digital mother of all DigiSeeds, so the owners of a DigiSeed can set free their visual artwork as many times they want, and on any surface they want. As said, DigiSeed give the owner the License to Use and Reproduce!

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