DigiSeed, the Art Revolution
Original Art to Use and Reproduce

the digicat

A human-readable summary of the DigiSeed Manifesto

Contemporary original art on a certain level, is often lost in a Art Marked with extremely high prices, and where inverstors rule. In short, the Art Marked has turned into a Meat Marked. Even Street Art is eaten up through the jaws of galleries who obey the rules of the investors.

DigiSeed is a way out of this, as it makes it possible for artists to share their artworks in a different way, making it possible with far lower prices than through normal art distribution.

For the buyer of original artworks as DigiSeed Art, it is legal to reproduce and share original contemporary art within the Creative Commons terms. DigiSeed is in many ways the Gutenberg effect for fine arts - without loosing value of the original DigiSeed Artwork.

See the full text for The DigiSeed Manifesto here.

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